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Natural Skin Care Products

Aluna Aromatics is a small, organic and natural skin care company based in Central Florida, but with national appeal. Our team is comprised of Tracy, a certified aesthetician with a strong focus on facial, neck and decollete treatment, and Aileen, a certified aromatherapist who applies her vast knowledge of essential oils and their hydrosols to face and skin care formulas. That may seem like a lot to wrap your head around, but to put it simply, we handcraft natural anti-aging skin care products without using any preservatives. Our combined expertise and 10 years of experience is the perfect recipe for combating wrinkles, dry skin and other symptoms of aging. We are here to help you take care of your skin, and to educate you on what is good for your skin and why.

How many times have you seen a commercial for facial cream that only tells you what it claims to do, and fails to mention active ingredients and how they work? These are usually products offered by larger corporations that cannot possibly invest enough time and care into making sure their products are natural and fresh. Luckily for you, Aluna Aromatics is small, successful and is run by people who are passionate about the science behind skin care. It is very important that we allow our customers to understand what is actually in our handcrafted skin care products. That is why we focus on educating our customers, so they are not only aware of our products’ ingredients, but also why those ingredients are used.

We do not believe anyone should apply cream to their body without knowing what is in it and what it will do to them – it’s just plain old common sense. When you purchase one of our affordable, natural face products, you will learn exactly how each ingredient will help you look rejuvenated. Not only will you know what you are applying to your skin, but you will also have an arsenal of knowledge to show off to all of your friends and family who compliment your youthful looks – brains AND beauty, all wrapped up into one!

At Aluna Aromatics, we approach crafting our products the same way a chef crafts the perfect sauce; the way a scientist crafts a groundbreaking serum; the way a wizard crafts a magical potion. Our products are different from everything else on the market because we blend the best in nutritive, plant-based ingredients with the most effective cosmeceuticals in bases suited to your particular skin needs. Key ingredients such as Matrixyl 3000, Haloxyl, Hyaluronic Acid act as the natural collagen activators. We create our products in small batches allowing our handcrafted skin care products to arrive with all vitamins, peptides and botanicals that are freshly added and fully active to provide the greatest benefits to our customers. We cannot stress enough how vital the freshness of the ingredients is to maintaining healthy skin.

We’ve already provided you with a wealth of information on how exactly our products work – and that’s our difference. As we said before, at Aluna Aromatics, educating our customers is very important to us. That is what separates us from other companies – we actually want you to know what is in the product we are selling you!

Each product is bottled in a unique and practical container that is designed to maintain freshness. Remember we said how important freshness is? We weren’t lying! Our airless bottles are designed to keep the freshness in and the contaminants out. Many high-end products are sold in jars, and while this may look like a fancy presentation, it actually destroys the quality of the product by allowing it to become contaminated from the moment you open it and stick your finger into it. No matter how clean your fingers may be, germs and air can still get in, diminishing the quality of your skin cream. While the Aluna Aromatics bottles look aesthetically unique, they are not just for show. By keeping air and pollutants out, our bottles serve a practical role in keeping our handcrafted skin care products fresh and pure. If our products were not packaged in such practical bottles, all of the care and hard work we put into crafting each product would be undone. A bottle with a smart design is just as important as the skin care product itself!

Aluna Aromatics has been a trusted name in natural face products and anti-aging skin care for 10 years, so we know we know we are doing this right. We wholeheartedly believe in our products, and we hope this has been educational for you! However, the benefits of our natural skin care products go far beyond the product lessons. Check out our range of skin care and face products on our products page today. Each item listed provides a full breakdown of the ingredients in each product, what they do for your skin and how they work their magic. At Aluna Aromatics, we want to share our 10 years of knowledge and experience – and our great natural skin care products – with you, allowing you to not only look great, but also spread your knowledge of preservative-free, natural anti-aging skin care to your friends and loved ones.

Check out our full line of great products online, or contact us today to learn more!